Tuesday, September 23, 2008

apple no cool ma!

how can anything owned by more than two people be cool? (credit to grr)

is this the "masstige" version of cool??

and what intuition??? anything that i cannot figure our without having to look at the instructions manual is NOT user friendly...please! i still havent figured my damn mac out and I still feel it controls me

so I am choosing a PC over it because at least its predictable and boring and i dont need to spend hours staring at the screen to figure what the difference between X and - on the top left hand side of the window is...both apparently minimise and dont close the programme (?????). And at least i dont need to be a professional hacker to figure out the differences between dashboard and desktop and iphoto and preview??

at the cost being boring, can they please be simple???

the greatest affliction of our times

why do we have such a great need to showcase everything? why does everything have to stem from what we think are great ways of playing back the clients ideology and beliefs rather than from the truth? isnt whether its a brand or sub brand or mother brand or uncle brand of secondary importance?

when did WHAT it really is stop to matter?? aren't we SUPPOSED to be looking at the what lies beneath? its NOT all POSITIONING!!


Thursday, August 7, 2008

what's so wrong with us?

i don't know. it's one of life's insolvable mysteries like poverty and world peace that i refuse to seriously delve into. but it's at the back of my head and the tip of my tongue all the time.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

same place, same time

whats up.


whats new.


whats happening.




2046 or 2010?

I think as far as numbers go, 2010 is far more poetic. That is also the year I have to be in that city- which is both real and phantasmagoric at the same time. A city that stuns with its reality and inspires flights far beyond the imaginable.

People, places and circumstance; stories, settings and chance all fall into one place here. Everything is simultaneous and everything is possible.

Humans are dwarfed by the architecture, and it tells stories of a gazillion kind. Endeavour is dwarfed by ambition; and the skyscrapers are testimony.

By that kind of ambition and a city that can inspire it, I am humbled. I understand why anyone would want to romance it.

So 2010 is the year. And of WKW I am truly envious